Jelzés Sablon

Ezt a sablont használhatod a jelzésed megírásához. Kérlek részletesen írd le mi történt, vagy mit szeretnél, mert akkor tudunk gyorsan és hatékonyan segíteni!

Mielőtt hibajelentést írsz, olvasd át a Gyakran Ismételt Kérdéseket (GYIK) és a legfrissebb híreket a legújabb fejlesztésekről.

Jelzés Sablon

2015. április 1-ét követően az ügyfélszolgálat már csak angol nyelven lesz elérhető!

Customer Support In English

From 01.10.2017, all Customer Support cases are answered in English, except for messages we receive in Finnish.

If you write to us in a language other than English, we may use Google Translation in order to understand your message. If we fail to understand your message, we may ask you to rephrase your case in English.

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Hírek a technikai részlegtől

Problems with TinyTown

17.05.2018 02:00

There are currently some issues with TinyTown and the game cannot be played. For some reason the game doesn't load entirely and gives an error message.

Our development team is looking into the issue and we hope to get the game up and running as soon as possible!

Fixed: Temporary Break Administrative Tools

16.04.2018 09:42

Dear users! From April 9 until April 15, some of our administrative tools were unavailable to us because of a network break due to the move our Tampere office. During this period we were unable to answer our Customer Support, reward competition winners and unable to make announcements in the news. However, scores were recorded as normally and no Customer Support cases were lost.

From today, April 16, we have gained full access to our tools again and are up and running to catch up! The winners of the previous two weekly competitions have just been rewarded.

Thank you for hanging on in there with us, and thank you for your understanding and patience!


The Playforia Team

Happy New Year!

01.01.2018 02:00

We are at the turn of a new year and we'd like to thank everyone who made us smile. You are of them so here we go;

THANK YOU for bringing us joy on Playforia every single day. We wish you a very happy new year!