Jelzés Sablon

Ezt a sablont használhatod a jelzésed megírásához. Kérlek részletesen írd le mi történt, vagy mit szeretnél, mert akkor tudunk gyorsan és hatékonyan segíteni!

Mielőtt hibajelentést írsz, olvasd át a Gyakran Ismételt Kérdéseket (GYIK) és a legfrissebb híreket a legújabb fejlesztésekről.

Jelzés Sablon

2015. április 1-ét követően az ügyfélszolgálat már csak angol nyelven lesz elérhető!

Customer Support In English

From 01.10.2017, all Customer Support cases are answered in English, except for messages we receive in Finnish.

If you write to us in a language other than English, we may use Google Translation in order to understand your message. If we fail to understand your message, we may ask you to rephrase your case in English.

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Hírek a technikai részlegtől

Happy New Year!

01.01.2018 01:00

We are at the turn of a new year and we'd like to thank everyone who made us smile. You are of them so here we go;

THANK YOU for bringing us joy on Playforia every single day. We wish you a very happy new year!

Issues with the Best of Day Results for Card Games on November 19th

22.11.2017 01:00

Dear users! As many of you probably noticed, there were some problems with the Card Games on Sunday, November 19th. However, once the games were working well again, the results were not recorded to the Best of Day -results.

We have investigated the issue, but unfortunately we can't get the results to the Best of Day -listing. If you have played the Card Games on November 19th, please contact our customer support so that we can reimburse the chips you might have lost on that day.

We're sorry for the inconvenience and hope that you'll enjoy your time in Playforia!

Community Merge

09.10.2017 09:00

Dear Playforians,

The times are a changing, and these are the changes that will be coming up shortly; the last of our smaller subcommunities shall be merged into one big league on our international pages. This will output in a centralized customer support in English, as well as the forum and news. The competitions will be upgraded to a more challenging and exciting level for our gamers too.

The communities that will be affected by the upgrade are the English, Estonian, German and Norwegian.

Interested in how the upgrade might affect you? Keep an eye on the latest updates for the latest information.