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15.01.2018 01:00

Grab Atomix Cup »

Get on a little space adventure in Atomix, because Sparky...
10.01.2018 01:00

Last Chance: Snowflakes Sale »

Today is your last chance to get any of the Snowflake...
08.01.2018 13:00

The Winning Gems Collectors »

Sparky is proud to present the winners of last week's...
08.01.2018 11:00

Winner Texas Hold'Em Weekend »

The winner of Texas Hold'em Weekend 68 is sinku100 (with...
08.01.2018 01:00

Earn Magical Pixxes Trophy »

Show Sparky your Pixxes powers this week! He will pick 25...
04.01.2018 01:00

Sparky's New Year's Sale »

Enjoy Sparky's New Year's Sale; let it snow on your...
01.01.2018 13:00

The Winning Master Mixers »

Sparky is proud to present the winners of last week's...
01.01.2018 11:00

Winner Omaha Challenge Weekend »

The winner of the 44th Omaha Challenge Weekend and the...
01.01.2018 01:00

Gems Time For Cup »

Gem fans alert! Sparky will award 25 gems collectors...
01.01.2018 01:00

Happy New Year! »

We are at the turn of a new year and we'd like to thank...


Sporty Luxury For Less

18.01.2018 01:00

Sparky's New Year's Sale - Week 3

saleSparky's New Year's Sale continues with a touch of sporty luxury. Check out Winter Sports Luxury collection for your avatar and create your own signature look for less!

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Haven't got a nickname and an avatar to dress up yet? Create one for free!

Winning Pixxes Experts

15.01.2018 13:00

Sparky is proud to present the winners of last week's Pixxes competition with the rare collectible Pixxes trophy + a special Sparky necklace + 20 coins! These are the pixxes experts:

Wanna win something too? The game of this week is Atomix »

Winner Omaha Challenge Weekend

15.01.2018 11:00

Game on!

The winner of the 45th Omaha Challenge Weekend and the very special Omaha Challenge trophy is Микку (with a win rate of 47.62%)! This ultimate card player earned the coveted title and the marvelous amount of 20.000 chips!

Wanna win something too? Make sure you have a Playforia account and play Atomix!

Weekly Weekend Card Game Challenge

Get our cards in check, because every weekend there's a card game tournament, alternating Omaha and Texas Hold'em. Get your cards in check this upcoming weekend and win:

  • 20.000 chips
  • the Golden Chip medal (with 50 star points)
  • the Golden Chip Challenge Trophy

Here's how it works; play at least 20 games of Texas Hold'em in one day (on any day of the weekend between 19.01 00:00 UTC and 21.01 23:59 UTC with at least 8 players at the table. The one with the biggest win percentage of all the world will be our new champion.

Play Texas Hold'em »