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14.08.2017 11:00

Winner Omaha Challenge Weekend »

The winner of the 34th Omaha Challenge Weekend and the...
13.03.2017 11:00

The Times They Are a’Changin’ »

As you may know, technology is changing rapidly, and so...
09.03.2017 11:59

Java Support »

Dear Playforians! Firefox has just released a new update,...
02.02.2017 11:49

Java Games Temporarily Unavailable »

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed, our beloved Java...
23.01.2017 15:00

Limited Access Games »

It has come to our attention that some of our users are...
17.01.2017 13:00

Maintenance Break on January 17 »

Some maintenance work that was scheduled to run in the...
18.07.2016 08:45

BoD Score Display Delay »

We've discovered that the BoD scores may come up on the...
24.12.2015 01:00

Merry Christmas! »

We hope you know how much your company and friendships...
20.10.2015 11:13

Upcoming Maintenance Break »

Maintenance work is scheduled between Wednesday October...
08.10.2015 09:11

Upcoming Maintenance Break »

Maintenance work is scheduled between Saturday October...

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Hírek a technikai részlegtől

Community Merge

09.10.2017 09:00

Dear Playforians,

The times are a changing, and these are the changes that will be coming up shortly; the last of our smaller subcommunities shall be merged into one big league on our international pages. This will output in a centralized customer support in English, as well as the forum and news. The competitions will be upgraded to a more challenging and exciting level for our gamers too.

The communities that will be affected by the upgrade are the English, Estonian, German and Norwegian.

Interested in how the upgrade might affect you? Keep an eye on the latest updates for the latest information.

The Winning Gems collectors

18.09.2017 13:00

Game on!

Sparky is proud to present the winners of last week's Gems (pulse) competition with the rare collectible Gems trophy + a special Sparky necklace + 10 coins! These are the 25 gems collectors:

Wanna win something too? Play Atomix this week!

Java Support Ending

28.08.2017 09:00

Dear Playforians! It has come to our attention that in approximately one month, the support for our many old Java-based games is coming to an end with the release of Java 9. This means that if you update the Java software on your computer to version number 9, the Java games on Playforia will not function. We cannot encourage you not to upgrade your Java software because a new version typically improves performance, stability and security of the Java applications that run on your computer. Installing the free update means that while the more recent Java applications should continue to run safely and efficiently, older applications, such as our Java games, are unfortunately not supported.

Naturally, you can still continue to play our games as long as possible, provided that you choose not to update to Java 9. Players, we leave the decision in your capable hands and respect your wishes whatever they may be.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our games loved by you all, and plenty of love they sure have seen for well over a decade. For this, you have our eternal gratitude.

With Best Regards,

The Playforia Team